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Our Mission

The mission at The PharmD Assist is to implement pharmacists into sports and athletics, by providing education along with an outlet for athletes, coaches, and teams to learn and understand common prescription and over-the-counter medications used within athletics today. It is our belief that providing athletes, coaches, and teams with this knowledge would prevent unfavorable events related to drug misuse and abuse within sports. 

Our team


Dr. Ai-Ja jackson

PharmD, Registered Pharmacist

Dr. Jackson is a pharmacist who has strong passion for sports and athletics as she has been surrounded by them her entire life. She has a strong passion for  her career as a pharmacist, and would like to share her passion by educating athletes on medications, both prescription and over the counter


Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine-School of Pharmacy


Licensed Pharmacist 

Basic Life Support Certified

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified

A Pharmacist's Work

Pharmacists have knowledge of:

  • How drugs work in the body 

  • Time for drugs to start working 

  • Time for drugs to be cleared from the body

  • Aide physicians with medication therapy

  • & More!